Prepare yourself to be taken on a journey to a whole new world beyond your wildest dreams. A treat for all five senses and an adventure to the unknown. A theatrical experience.

Teatro is based on the art, the show, feelings, experience and the cuisine as art itself. In this project, the Director of Gastronomy will put all his passion, creativity and inspiration into it whilst having fun on the way. We want to capture the magic of a theatre by also interpreting it through our food:




In Teatro Marbella we strive to continuously surprise and amaze our guests from the first bite. The whole experience will be accompanied by our fantastic shows and entertainment. Guests will discover that the activity in the kitchen is synchronised with what is happening on stage in real time. All who are lucky enough to visit Teatro Marbella will leave with an unforgettable memory.

True operational excellence in the nightlife business comes from creating a brilliant team, full of creativity, passion and dedication. Teatro Marbella prioritise maintaining a truly sophisticated and dynamic team, one that will place us at the top of the list of the Marbella nightlife venues.



Creative Director

Talented choreographer and artistic director with international recognition. With roots from Africa and Spain, has rhythm, music and dance in his blood. For Teatro Marbella it is a great honor to have Fidel represent us as an artistic director.



Music Director

Musician and Spanish actor from Guineo, began his career as a singer. Launching several albums in collaboration with multinational organisation in Spain and abroad. Starred and participated in more than a dozen Musicals such as “Cats” and “Paris Notredamm”, he later made his debut on a Spanish TV show called “Un Paso adelante”. He continued his career in France as a singer and shortly after moved to Mexico where he appeared on TV for five years. At the same time he graduated with honors from drama school and later returned to Spain and starred in a show called “Sister Act”. He now lives in Marbella and is part of the Teatro Team.



Assistant to choreographer

Born in Malaga, Spain, she has a broad professional career in flamenco. Ballet, urban and contemporary dance. Has worked with numerous singer in New York and LA, and in the past four years she has worked as an assistant choreographer in the Starlight festival of Marbella. Other outstanding work are: Circus Salto Natale, OhLaLa, Nike, Givenchy and many other international brands.

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