The main concept of Teatro is to escape from reality, a door to a place where unbelievable things happen, a territory where you can transform and become someone else, a place you can be whoever we want!

Immerse yourself in a new atmosphere where our exclusive staff service, our artists professionalism and our DJ’s energy will make you and your guests have an unforgettable experience.

Teatro is not a theatre, even if it might look like one. Remember, nothing is what it seems – “Teatro is the pretext to breakout from the norm”.

Teatro is situated only minutes away from the main points of attraction in Marbella and have easy access from all part of the city.

Our dynamic terrace, restaurant, decor, beautiful symmetry and exclusive parking are the perfect elements to make Teatro Marbella an experience you will never forget. The perfect place to satisfy the desires of those who have high standards.

The venue provides direct car access as well as exclusive parking and valet service, giving our guests all the facilities to have a great experience from the very beginning.

With an operational space of 2000sqm , divided in three different areas the overall sensation is majestic and theatrical. At Teatro Marbella you will be able to enjoy areas such as: Indoor Restaurant, Terrace and Club ( two stories ) .

The size creates an ideal capacity and spacious ambiance that echoes an atmosphere of an actual theatre. The venue has a sleek feel, giving all our guests an unforgettable experience.

Teatro has enlisted the services of an award winning interior design company to create the look and feel of true uniqueness and excitement. Their vision, expertise and dedication for the project makes Teatro Marbella truly inspiring and glamorous.

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